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Artwork Preparation

Saifee Media Services strive to provide an excellent customer experience. In order to achieve this we have provided the following guidelines with regards to artwork preparation. If you follow these guidelines it will save you time and will lead to a pleasant experience.

Bleed To get a top quality finish, it is vital for your artwork to include bleed. Bleeds act as a safety net to allow precise cutting of the finished product. If your designs do not include a bleed then small variations that occur whilst cutting can cause some of the finished products to have white edges. The extension of your background beyond the edge reduces the chances of white edges occurring. A minimum of 3mm bleed is advised for some of our products.

If your designs contain images which sit on the edge of the printable area, then we advise that you extend it into the bleed areas to avoid white edges in the finished print.For more information  on bleed please visit This will help you understand and implement the concept of bleed.

Resolution If your design appears pixelated on the screen, then it is important to understand that this is how it will look when it is printed. We advise that you send a high resolution file to print to avoid this. If you are unsure about this, we suggest you zoom out of your original design and see if it looks blurry or pixelated. This is usually a sign that the file is low resolution.

Colour Sometimes colours maybe altered when saving to PDF format. Please always double check your file before sending it across to us. We will print the file you have sent, and will not be liable for any colours that have not been represented properly in your original artwork.