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Artwork FAQs

Sending us your artwork Once you have placed the order please send us your artwork via email to In the subject please state your order number. For files that exceed sizes of 20MB we advises you send these via Once we have received your artwork we will contact you.

Problems with artwork? If the artwork is prepared to the specifications stated in the description section of each our products, then there should be no problem in processing the order. If any major problems are identified, then we will contact you before printing. All of your artwork will be reviewed by a ‘human eye’ before printing takes place. You can send us the file and we may be able to rectify the problem and quicken the process.

Print file format? At Saifee Media Services we would advise that all files be sent us in PDF format. There is absolutely no restriction on the software used to produce the artwork. If you are experiencing problems creating a pdf then we may ask you to send the original file so we can review it and rectify any problems that may you be experiencing.

Recommended image quality? Ideally the pictures need to be sent in 300dpi and in CMYK colour format. We can still print images if they do not match this criteria. However Saifee Media Services will not be held responsible for any pixilation or blurriness that may occur during print.

Will the colour of my Full Colour Printing match the colours shown on my monitor? There will almost certainly be some differences between the colours seen on the computer screen and the actual print material. However we do advise that you design in CMYK format to minimise these differences.

Why do you need jobs supplied in CMYK? The machines atSaifee Media Services use Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black inks to produce Full Colour. Files that have been designed in RGB format must be converted to CMYK colour. We can carry out this transformation for you. However this transformation can alter colours as some of the RGB colours are outside the CMYK gamut. We advise that the conversion is carried out before the file is sent. This way you can implement changes and have full control on how the finished product will look.

Why do you require fonts embedded in PDF files? PDFs contain all the information required for print, including fonts. This means that you don’t need to send the fonts that you have used. If a PDF is sent without the fonts embedded, this can disrupt and delay the whole process and we may need you to resend the file with the fonts embedded. The following link gives you detailed information on how to embed fonts into a PDF

What is Bleed? To get a top quality finish, it is vital for your artwork to include bleed. Bleeds act as a safety net to allow precise cutting of the finished product. If your designs do not include a bleed then small variations that occur whilst cutting can cause some of the finished products to have white edges. The extension of your background beyond the edge diminishes the effects of these small variations. A 3mm bleed is required for some our products.

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Despatch FAQs

Has the job been despatched? I have not received a confirmation email If a problem has occurred with artwork we will contact you as soon as possible. If you hear nothing from then you should assume that the order has been despatched. Once the order is complete and packaged we will email you the tracking information straight away. If you do not receive any such Email then you should contact us on 07891449261.

What happens if I am not there to receive my Delivery? Our couriers will do their best to deliver your materials in their first attempt. If there is no one to collect the order first time then sometimes couriers will not attempt a second delivery due to their work demand. If this is the case, a repeat delivery will be made the following day. A card will be left by the courier company stating when they will make their next delivery.

Are you happy to send jobs which I have ordered directly to my customer? Yes, we are happy to do this. We will not display our company logos on these assignments. Please mention this in the additional notes section of your order.

Next Day Delivery? Orders that have been placed for next day delivery should ideally be placed before 11am.

Miscellaneous FAQs For more information If there are any other queries that have not been answered with the information provided on this website then please don’t hesitate to call us on 07********. Alternatively you click the contact us tab and fill out an online form and we will subsequently do our best to contact you within the hour.