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Refund Policy

Here at Saifee Media Services we work tirelessly to provide customer satisfaction. However, if on any circumstance you are not satisfied with the level of service provided we advise that you contact us immediately. We will review your case promptly and will do our upmost to help resolve the issues at concern.

If a mistake has been made by Saifee Media Services, you need not to worry as we will promptly repeat the order correctly. If repeating the order is not an option then we will collect the defected material and reimburse you. We can also partly reimburse you for usable but imperfect goods; where appropriate.

If the cause of the problem cannot be associated with Saifee Media Services then we will aim to reach a compromise with you. This may involve part-reimbursement or repeating the order at a reduced price.

If for whatever reason you are fully responsible for any problems, Saifee Media Services will not agree nor accept any liability in any way.