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Terms and Conditions

Order Acceptance –Saifee Media Services will only commit to the completion of orders and provide the services mentioned on this website if they are in concordance with the following terms and conditions. If the customers’ requirements are inconsistent with these then there will be no action taken in the aim to complete the order. The following terms and conditions will establish a contract between Saifee Media Services and the customer. Modification to the following contract will only be justified if written evidence that been produced by Saifee Media Services is presented by the customer. The evidence must contain specific reference to the terms and conditions that are being modified.

An order placed by the customer should only been regarded as confirmed if there has been communication to the customer in the form of email/telephone/written correspondence from Saifee Media Services.Turnaround times and delivery dates are not 100% confirmed. These are estimates; due to the nature of the services provided (machine malfunction, staff illness etc) meansSaifee Media Serviced cannot be accountable for disruption to the agreed delivery schedule, claims or expenses made by the customer.

Saifee Media Services reserve the right to decline any order without providing reason.

Currency – Payment should be made in pounds sterling. Unless stated otherwise in written communication provided by Saifee Media Services.

Tax - Value added tax will be charged, if applicable, at the rate ruling on the date of supply whether or not included on the quote, order, and invoice.

Saifee Media Services will not in any way be held accountable for any imperfections associated with approved artwork. This includes imperfections caused by the use of alternate software or operating systems. Compatibility issues should be resolved by the customer before sending the artwork. Imperfections such as colour formats are included in these terms. For example using RGB instead of CMYK.

Saifee media services will not be held accountable or responsible for any concerns that have not been identified by the customers prior to starting the order. If severe defects are spotted whilst processing the order Saifee Media Services will stop the production and contact you regarding further progress. Services carried out up until this point will be charged.

If you send Saifee Media Services artwork then you are agreeing that you have read the Artwork preparation section of our website.

Copyright –The customer will be held responsible and accountable for the Artwork they provide. The customer should obtain appropriate permission to reproduce pictures, artwork, photographs and logos etc.In the event of any legal action the customer will indemnify Saifee Media Services.

Delivery and payment – It will be at Saifee Media Services discretion whether it is appropriate to compensate customers in credit for failed despatch within the agreed schedule. Saifee Media services use third party courier services to transport finished products to customers. Therefore we will not be directly be held responsible for transit damages, failure of delivery or loss of order.If such situations arise Saifee Media services will provide contact information of our third party couriers. Issues regarding delivery should be directly resolved with them.

If expedited delivery is agreed, additional charges maybe incurred to cover additional services.

Customers should only sign for the order if it presented in complete or good condition. When signing customers are acceptance the above terms and conditions. Any claims made after this regarding shortages or damages cannot be made.

Issues regarding quality, damage, or incomplete orders must be communicated to Saifee Media Services within 2 working days of delivery. All other issues must be communicated to Saifee Media Services within 7 working days of receiving the order. Claims that are made after this will not be acknowledged.

At Saifee Media Services we expect our customers to deal with us in a professional manner. Racism, insulting language or behaviour will not be tolerated and the order will be terminated with immediate effect.

Files that are supplied to Saifee Media Services that are less that 300dpi will still be printed if they are deemed appropriate to print. Saifee Media Services will not be held accountable for the customer’s image quality. Saifee Media Services will advise if they identify that quality of the image is too poor. This can cause delay in turnaround time. If files are supplied without bleed then some of the finished products may contain white edges when cut. Saifee Media Services will not be held accountable or responsible for this, but will advise the customer before printing.

Privacy – Saifee Media Services will not disseminate personal, credit/debit card details to any third party individual or organization.

Saifee Media Services will not be liable for files that contain abusive or offence language. Customers should take full responsibility. Saifee Media Services may decide to terminate the order if they deem the content to be inappropriate.

Payment should be made when confirming the order. Any additional payments can be made on the ‘Make additional payments’ section of our website.

Law - These conditions and all other express terms of the contract shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of England.